Hair Fashion: All the trends not to be missed this year

Headmodel.net : We are now in a new season, so it is right to discover all the new hair trends of hairdressers, the cuts and hairstyles that will go out of fashion between now and the next months, strictly divided by the various preferences that every woman can have, short hair, long or m edia, move, curly or super smooth. There will be news both in terms of hairdressers, and for colors and, also, for the types of hairstyles to show off in everyday life or special occasions. If anyone was afraid that short hair would go out of fashion, let's say they can be absolutely quiet! The boyish cuts, a real must for some seasons, are not destined to disappear, indeed, more and more women will choose them dragged even by the wave of celebrities who opt for super short helmets, maybe with asymmetrical tufts, original pixie, ad hoc shavings for a short film inspired by punk rock... The vintage style will also have its own space and will be characterized by short and super smooth cuts, with tufts of waves on the forehead. All these hairstyles, not being able to be styled with real crops, will be enhanced by hair accessories, headbands and precious circles in the first place. As for the average cuts the undisputed king will be the long bob. To put it mildly, the historic cut that made Jennifer Aniston famous in Friends, only that those were the 90s and now it's gone from a piece and a hairstyle of this kind is enriched by new ideas such as: asymmetries in the tufts to hide some of the eyes and give a sexy and mysterious look, ad hoc scales that give overall volume to the hairstyle, natural choppy effect to be enhanced with semi-collected that leave some strands to frame the face. Long hair will mean a few half measures. Just make a choice between the smooth, super smooth, or the choppy, preferably natural, and you will still fall to your feet. In the sense that both trends will be respected, of course. As for the smooth we will still see the symmetrical fringe, or the voluminous and scaled tufts as for the medium cuts, instead, with regard to the move, instead, the effect will have to be beach waves, that is, as natural as possible, perhaps enhanced by effects of shatush or splashlight. Among the classic hairstyles the braids will still be the protagonists, but, instead of the lateral ones that have characterized the last seasons, we will see them preferably double and symmetrical, a Pippi modern and not too childish!

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21 Jan 20

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21 Jan 20
María Montes International Hairstylist

This collection is a tribute to that fine line that separates (or not) these two concepts. Art has always been a source of inspiration for the hairdresser, and the hairdresser has undoubtedly over time evolved into an artist.

Ph: Bernardo Baragaño
Make-up: María Montes


21 Jan 20
Kerry Mather, KJM Salons hairstylist

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Revolution ”, made by “Kerry Mather, KJM Salons” international hairstylist from UK.

Ph: Barry Jeffrey
Make-up: Branka Vorkapic
Stylist: Clare Frith


21 Jan 20
Paula Alonso Pérez international hairstylist

This collection is a declaration of the intentions and messages that 90’s street fashion tried to convey, featuring a wild and pure creative spirit.  Inspired by the grunge era tag, ‘I want to make a difference’.  It could almost be considered... an act of rebellion. The 90’s always deliver ....

Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Manuela Gimenez
Stylist: Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz


21 Jan 20
Jose Garcia  international hairstylist

The latest collection by Jose Garcia Peluqueros is inspired by scientific creation - androids to be precise, those pure replicas of the human being, which have the ability to appear all too real even to the naked eye.  If there is something that really differentiates us from robots, it is their lack of empathy and inability to express feelings.  Their sharp, dark and dilated look tells us that they are not people but an interpretation of something that has already lived. 

Ph: David Arna
Make-up: Isabel García
Stylist: Aaron Gil


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